Like the one whose childhood passed long ago , kids today got hooked on escape room games.
That is actually very commendable for our youngest. Unlike classic video games, cell phones, tablets and similar preoccupations, children escape room really helps to develop a large number of skills.

Our escape room games / birthdays

Birajte između naše četiri tematske sobe sa jedinstvenim scenarijem. Svi paketi uključuju:

  • tematska soba
  • 1-2 gamemastera po tematskoj sobi
  • dekoracija prostora
  • Ledo medo torta (za veće pakete 2 torte)
  • slane grickalice
  • negazirani sokovi
  • flaširana voda
  • pribor za jelo
  • svjećica u obliku broja
  • diplome svakom uzvaniku
  • slike na whatsapp

Package 1:
If you have up to 9 participants your'e only task is to choose the theme room and we will take care of the rest. Only arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time.
Duration of 2 hours.
Package 2:
If you have a larger number of participants (up to 18 players), book two rooms and arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time.
Duration of 2 hours.
Package 3:
If you have a larger number of participants (up to 28 players), book three rooms and arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time.
Duration of 2 hours.

Igra je koncipirana tako da jednako mogu uživati mlađa djeca sa roditeljima kao i starija djeca samostalno uz skrivenu pomoć. Grupe su od 2 igrača (manje) ili do max 28 igrača (veće).
The game has no time limit and children are always accompanied by our gamemasters.
Suitable for children from 8 years onwards
Make a team of 2 to 28 players, choose a room, day, time and adventure and give us a CALL



Timski rad je super , uvijek možeš okriviti nekog drugog 😉


You think you are skilled in breaking codes and solving puzzles? Accept a challenge and play live in the escape room!


Ojačajte timski duh u našim sobama i ispunite djetinjstvo u escape room pustolovinama.


This is a whole new level of celebration. Invite your friends, leave them breathless and retelling the adventures for a long time. Spend an unforgettable birthday in our escape room.

Četiri sobe, četiri različite avanture

Isprobajte naše tematsko uređene sobe i avanture te upotpunite djetinjstvo svojih najmilijih novim avanturama koje bude maštu.

As the only one adapted for children in Zagreb and this part of Europe, we make sure that the game is relaxed and easy but creative and entertaining.

Adventure for everyone

You and your friends will be solving mysterious riddles, rooms full of puzzles, locks and other entertaining mysteries...

Adventures are ideal for young and old, for friends and family who are in love with the adventure and everyone who wants to have fun, while testing their abilities, perceptions, conclusions and logic.

Dječji escape room
Zagreb, Av. Dubrovnik 15, paviljon 10
mob: 098 1900 874